About Us

Small Wins Equal Great Success

The SWEGS Team supports your Small Wins and Great Success! SWEGS Kitchen tested the abilities of our culinary and nutrition team as we converted southern comfort foods into healthy, nourishing meals that never sacrifice flavor.

Comfort Food

A staple for anyone wanting a good meal and a little taste of home. Our comforting classics are created from scratch passed down from “your mom’n’em”, made healthy and delicious!

Great Taste

Fresh, healthy, on-trend foods, crafted by a team of experienced and accredited chefs, SWEGS has unique flavors unmatched by anyone else.

Nutritional & Functional

SWEGS follows nutrition standards, created by our on staff dietitian, to ensure the highest nutrient density possible. An easy to follow color wheel is available to customers to determine specific dietary needs.

Affordable Price Point

We make eating healthier a comfortable economic decision by offering menu items that are affordable to everyone.

Community Driven & Eco-Friendly

Along with a desire to support the local community that supports us, you can find comfort in our environmentally sustainable packaging.