What Do We Do?

Our Meals Prevent,
Prepare & Heal

We Are…

  • a food brand that creates and produces nutritious, healthy, flavorful food products for those who are health conscious or medically challenged.
  • changing lives with food by offering a line of nutritious, dietary focused meals to the healthcare industry, corporate wellness programs, and restaurants/institutional food vendors/suppliers.
  • creating and delivering frozen single meals, fresh items and institutional (larger format) finished products.
  • creating, producing and delivering “medically tailored meals” to several segments of the medically challenged through medical providers, insurance programs and clinics.

What Are Medically Tailored Meals?

Medically tailored meals help to meet the needs of program participants with health conditions that require specific diets.

Our Medically Tailored Meal Programs can assist with glycemic control, in addition to supporting pre-operative patients as they prepare themselves for surgery, in addition to supporting the ongoing dietary needs post-operatively and those facing chronic illness challenges.

See The Role of Nutrition in Glycemic Control: Results of a Pilot Study for more information.

Where Are Swegs’ Meals Made?

A highly qualified and talented team of chefs, doctors, dietitians collaborated to enhance the flavor profile of every meal by using high quality, wholesome ingredients and spices.

Frozen meals are produced at a nationally recognized food preparation and production company located in Kenner, LA. The facility is USDA/FDA, SQF Level 3.9.1 certified.

SWEGS Kitchen