Who Are We?

Using Tasty Food
to Change Lives

SWEGS: Small Wins Equals Great Success

Michael Maenza

SWEGS Kitchen is a brand of food products that creates and produces nutritious, healthy, tasty food for those who are health conscious or medically challenged.

It was founded by Michael Maenza, a culinary entrepreneur who is the founder of Mr. Mudbug Catering (now 12 Seasons), MMI Culinary (a mass production food processing plant in Kenner), and other food-focused businesses. He currently serves as the Chair for the LRA.

Mike believed his tasty, comforting foods could also be nutritious and, even heart healthy! And, if so, the meals could change the lives of many medically challenged segments of our society, whether eating at home or at restaurants.

He believed his long-time business motto, “Small Wins Equal Great Success”, could also apply to people seeking a healthier diet or medical scenario. If SWEGS’ meals could help them make incremental adjustments to their diet, while still eating tasty foods, it could lead them to a healthier lifestyle and a more successful medical future.

Today, SWEGS is changing lives with food with its line of nutritious, dietary focused meals offered in its wellness line of “grab and go” items, frozen single meals, and institutional (larger format) finished products.

SWEGS also creates, produces and delivers “medically tailored meals” to several segments of the medically challenged through insurance programs and clinics.

Corporate Ideology

Our Purpose

Changing lives by delivering flavorful, dietary-focused food products, while increasing awareness and accessibility.

Our Mission

Be a market leader for the creation and delivery of food products that provide flavorful nourishment for those with dietary restrictions or simply seeking a healthier lifestyle.

Our Social Value Statement

Through increased awareness and accessibility, we assist those seeking to change their current and future health by providing flavorful, nourishing food products.

SWEGS Kitchen