Who Do We Work With?

Corporations and

Healthcare Industry

SWEGS aims to support insurance member populations, community health centers (FQHCs), home health/assisted living populations and underserved communities with our meal programs.  By partnering with various healthcare providers to support meal program initiatives, we help them navigate the chronic diseases, demographic challenges, and medical events of their patients/members. SWEGS can become an integral part of the health care benefit or overall health plan for those in need.  Our meal programs can support Medicaid, Medicare, and SNP providers by offering quality, nutritious meal programs that can be delivered directly to a patient or member home.  We are prepared to be  your primary vendor or serve as a reliable, secondary vendor in order to assure that your patient/member commitments are met.

Benefits of SWEGS’ Healthcare Industry Program

Meals help meet nutritional needs of patients/members

Proper nutrition can assist with pre-and post-operative nutritional and dietary restriction support

Relieves burden on caregivers

Nutritious meals assist with the recovery and reduce readmissions

Corporate Wellness

SWEGS can partner with employers looking to add a meal program to an existing Wellness Program.  As employers continue to battle the ever-increasing healthcare costs, wellness programs can help increase the health and decrease the medical expenses associated with the employees.  SWEGS can play an integral part of a Corporate Wellness Program by working with the Employer to offer quality, nutritious meal programs that can be delivered directly to the workplace or employee’s home.

Benefits of SWEGS’ Corporate Wellness Program

Employer develops eligibility criteria for at-risk employees

Directly impact the employee health with affordable meals to lower health care costs

Designed for dietary restrictions and overall health
Simple ordering of individual frozen meals, fresh meals (location limits), or larger formats available

Institutional Program

Let SWEGS’ nutritious meal options become part of your restaurant, cafeteria or institution!  SWEGS offers a variety of comfort, tasty finished food products in larger formats.  These products can be placed on your menu as a nutritious option that many patrons can enjoy, even with dietary restrictions.

Benefits of SWEGS’ Institutional Program

Our brand of finished food products are nutritious, healthy, and flavorful

Our brand is for those who are health conscious or medically challenged

We convert classic and comforting meals into healthier food choices 

Chefs, dietitians, and R&D collaborated and enhanced the flavor profile of every meal by using high quality ingredients and spices

SWEGS Kitchen